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Buffalo Bills Complain About Unfair Schedule

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Buffalo will face five extra rested teams for the second season in a row.

Buffalo Bills Complain About Unfair Schedule

I couldn't imagine being in charge of crafting the schedule for an NFL season. There are literally hundreds of things that can go wrong when trying to plan out the perfect schedule. Since the NFL instituted the Thursday night prime 13 week schedule in 2012, some teams have been getting shafted when it comes to how much preparation time they receive before facing their next opponent. 

To be fair, almost every NFL team will play on the Thursday night schedule in a given season and if not, they'll appear on Sunday or Monday night. The idea behind the new schedule is that the alternative game dates give the teams with shortened weeks less rest time before their game and this will even out those with longer amounts of time to rest until the next weeks game. However, the Buffalo Bills are arguing that the idea is flawed, and that their schedule, once again, puts them at a disadvantage.  

"While we all realize the perfect NFL schedule is almost impossible to achieve, it's hard to think that a league that is typically ahead of the curve doesn't realize how much this year's NFL schedule is slanted against the Bills and Falcons. Facing an opponent with extra preparation time is a decided disadvantage, one that the league must strive to correct. It's very difficult to call the NFL a league of parity when there's one team with half of their division games against clubs with extra time to rest and prepare, while another in the same division has none. The league simply has to do better." via Chris Brown of BuffaloBills.com 

It's not like they aren't used to it though. After the teams official site looked over all 32 NFL team schedules, they found Buffalo is at a disadvantage of a league-high six times due to opponents coming off rest. 

Last season the Bills had four games in a five week span in which their opponent got extra rest and prep time either from playing a game on Thursday or having a bye week. The Bills also had a bye week during that time, but so did their opponent (Houston), so it wasn't any advantage on their part. Their new schedule basically has the same thing, where the Bills will face five opponents with extra rest and prep. Surely there has to be a reason they keep receiving these disadvantages? 

Well, actually, there is.

Brown fails to mention that the Bills get another kind of consideration from the NFL when their schedule is made, one geared more toward profits. 

Bills management doesn't really like December home games, they simply don't sell tickets in the freezing Ralph Wilson Stadium. The Bills also outsource a home game every year to Toronto in order to rack up some ticket sales, but they pretty much demand that it's not a division opponent in order for them to save those higher selling ticket games for home games. 

So, the NFL helped Buffalo this year by loading up the beginning of the season with home games (four of their first six games will be there), giving them a chance to make up for the tickets they don't sell in the dead of winter. 

Aside from the game in Toronto, the Bills are only left with one game in November and one in December at home. Isn't that what they ultimately wanted?

It's hard to have everything. 

Buffalo will either have to find a way to sell more tickets in the freezing depths of winter or take the extra warm weather games in the Fall at home and play harder against their more rested opponents. 

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