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Manny Ramirez Gets The Best Homerun Call Ever

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Manny leaves Taiwan, but not before this hilarious announcer can call his eighth homerun.

Manny Ramirez Gets The Best Homerun Call Ever

As if Manny Ramirez doesn't cause enough laughs in baseball. Someone needs to go pull Manny out of the Far-East and bring him back to the MLB. One good thing that's come from him playing for the EDA Rhinos in Taiwan is this hilarious call for his home run last week. This is one excited Mandarin-speaking baseball announcer, who probably had spent a decent amount of time practicing this line just waiting for Manny to rip one over the fence. I can only guess English is his second language. 

This was Manny's 8th homerun for the season. He joined the Taiwanese league in hopes of earning another shot at the MLB, earning a solid batting average of .352 with 43 RBIs in 49 games with the Rhinos. Manny announced this morning that he will be leaving the Rhinos, just nine days before his contract was supposed to be up (June 30th). The 41-year-old veteran, who has been a huge media draw in Taiwan's Chinese Professional Baseball League, is scheduled to leave the country on Friday, June 21. The club says that Manny both feels homesick, and is looking for tougher competition elsewhere. The team did what they could to make Manny as comfortable as possible, arranging for him and his uncle to live in the presidential suite and encouraging him to stay until the end of his contract, but it was to no avail. There is no doubt in my mind that he will continue to crush home runs no matter what league he's in, especially if it's outside of the MLB.

Listen closely at this hilarious clip: "This ball is long gone, just like the ex-girlfriend, who-will-never-return! Home run!" What?!

Also check out the hilarious screenshot from the crowed at :18. Go Cowboys? I'll admit the dreads are a nice touch. 

The former MLB slugger was making a quaint $25,000 a month with his new team, a salary that doesn't match up to those being handed out in Japan (where, rumor has it, he'll be moving to next). Manny is looking to join the Chiba Lotte Marines in Japan's Nippon Professional Baseball League. Ramirez began his major league career with the Cleveland Indians in late 1993 and has hit 555 home runs in the majors, ranking him 14th of all time. We all remember his notable runs with the Boston Red Sox, L.A. Dodgers, Chicago White Sox, and the Tampa Bay Rays. 

If you thought that was the only hilarious clip from Taiwan involving Manny, you thought wrong. Here's one of him being compared to Micheal Jackson and "moonwalking" toward the dugout. 

Whatever you have to say about the guy, and undoubtedly everyone has something to say, he certainly always brings some joy and laughter to the diamond. 

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