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Stanley Cup Preview: Blackhawks vs. Bruins

by Photo of Karly Redpath

Two ‘Original 6’ teams will meet in the Finals, and it’s hard to pick out a clear favorite for the Cup.

Stanley Cup Preview: Blackhawks vs. Bruins

The Chicago Blackhawks and Boston Bruins have proved to be two very successful teams throughout the Stanley Cup Playoffs. It seems fitting that the two teams have made it to the finals after some close series almost led to their elimination early on. Both teams have clearly played the best in the playoffs up to this point, and their near-perfect play will certainly make the final series of the NHL season very exciting.

Chicago's post-season play has been fueled by the entire team. Players like Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews, who were the top two scorers during the regular season, have taken a backseat to other players like Marian Hossa and Patrick Sharp in the playoffs. Though Hossa and Sharp suffered injuries during the regular season, they have bounced back and have 28 points combined in the playoffs. On the defensive end, the Blackhawks have established themselves as one of the most successful penalty killing teams and have killed off 55 of 58 power plays in the playoffs.

Chicago had an exciting series against the Los Angeles Kings, clinching the series in Game 5 after Patrick Kane scored the game winning goal in double overtime. This exciting finish to the series that led the Blackhawks to the finals has the potential to propel them through to win the Cup.

The Boston Bruins have also had a sparkling playoff performance and are 9-1 in their last 10 games. The Game 7 comeback victory against the Toronto Maple Leafs has remained the defining moment of their postseason, and the Bruins have been almost been on cruise control ever since.

The past two series the Bruins played have seemed easy for the Bruins as they beat the New York Rangers 4-1 and swept the star-studded Pittsburgh Penguins to make the finals. Boston's goaltender Tuukka Rask has played perfectly and has created a very reliable defense. Rask and the Bruins defense has allowed their offense the chance to outscore opponents in nearly every game they have played in the post-season.

The Bruins may have a physical advantage with players like Zdeno Chara, Dennis Seidenberg, Nathan Horton, Shawn Thornton and Milan Lucic. These big, aggressive players could use their size and physicality to their advantage and have the chance to rattle a smaller Blackhawks team.

Both teams offense seems to not just be propelled by their first line, but by all four lines. The Bruins' fourth line might have a slight disadvantage as they will have to suffer the loss of Gregory Campbell who broke his leg blocking a shot in a game against Pittsburgh.

The Chicago Blackhawks and the Boston Bruins each have a shot at winning at Stanley Cup title this year and because both teams have been successful in the postseason it is hard to pick a clear winner. The team that will come out on top will be the team that can handle the pressure and physicality of these last few games and the team that continues to play as cohesively as they have throughout the playoff run. Right now, it seems like a coin toss.

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