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VIDEO: Ciara Gets Served!

by Photo of Kelsie O'Connell

Ciara gets served at the LA Pride Concert on behalf of a gay nightclub in Los Angeles.

VIDEO: Ciara Gets Served!

In this article…

There's nothing like being served papers in front of thousands of screaming fans... especially during the middle of a crowd favorite!

The "Body Party" singer, Ciara, was served papers Saturday evening at her L.A. Pride concert. The papers, according to TMZ, are from popular gay club, The Factory. Although the concert was planned for June 7, Ciara had previously told the club that she would not be able to perform but that she would still be able to make an appearance. 

However, on June 3, Ciara reportedly backed out of the appearance completely, costing the night club tons of money. 

The lawsuit, which is equal to the $10,000 deal she signed for the nightclub, plus money spent on promotions for her appearance, has been called "bogus" by Ciara's rep, because the deal was not finalized before Ciara backed out. The lawsuit also asks for Ciara to pay up on money the nightclub could have made if she had been present. However, a rep for Ciara told TMZ:

"Ciara's commitment to perform at L.A. Gay Pride on Saturday night prevented her from making such a Friday night appearance. Despite being notified early last week that Ciara could not appear, the Factory continued to market and promote Ciara's appearance."

"The reason for the continued marketing/promotion is unclear, as it is not known why the Factory would intend to continue to mislead the public, to cause damage to the L.A. Gay Pride festival and to attempt to portray Ciara in a negative light.”

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