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WATCH: Neil Patrick Harris' Opening Number for the Tony's

by Photo of Emily Maas

Check out the veteran host bring cast members from all of Broadway into his opening number.

WATCH: Neil Patrick Harris' Opening Number for the Tony's

What does it take to make an awards show successful? According to Neil Patrick Harris' opening number for the 67th Tony Awards, all it needs is to be a little bigger. 

The four-time host put on a spectacular show last night (June 9) in Radio City Music Hall for all lovers of Broadway. He certainly isn't lagging or even growing tired of hosting. It'll be hard to see anyone top his opening number in 2014.

It all started out with the actor-singer-magician-god with a guitar and an accent singing about how he can "break your heart, with a work of art and a song that's quiet and small." This quickly spun into a fast-paced Broadway sound as Harris decided that "tonight we might go bigger" adding all the winks and smirks fit to swoon the entire audience. He even managed to slip in his How I Met Your Mother character Barney Stinson's favorite word, "legendary" into the opening lines. 

As the music grew, so did the amount of people in the number. Harris managed to fit in little quips about nearly all of the popular plays and musicals on Broadway, cracking jokes, and bringing a handful of cast members on stage with each and every mention. Just some of the shows mentioned were: Kinky Boots, Motown: The Musical, Pippin, Bring it On: The Musical, Matilda: The Musical, A Christmas Story, Annie, Mamma Mia, The Lion King, and Newsies

He even brought former boxer Mike Tyson, who had a one-man show last summer, onto the stage as he pretended to bite Harris' ear off. Harris used Tyson as a model for many jokes throughout the rest of the ceremony to the effect of: "Mike Tyson just gave three of the four Matilda's face tattoos."

Harris even refers to the multitude of children actors dawning Broadway in everything from Matilda: The Musical to Annie, singing "They're the reason this whole season seems to look like Chuck E. Cheese." He goes a step further by adding a heartwarming aspect to the song as he sings about how everyone in the audience was one of those kids at some point and now they're "bigger." It's pretty adorable. 

It wasn't just the sheer multitude of people that were crammed on the stage that made it great. Usually just being "bigger" due to overcrowding and a million voices is enough to make something seem "bigger." But that's just not the way NPH rolls. He does an impressive disappearing trick, gets lifted up by cheerleaders, and even jumps through a hoop. Literally. The most amazing thing about it all is how unfazed he seems by everything. He makes it all seem easy. 

From there, the rest of the awards ceremony could not possibly hold the same pace. There was one other great musical moment where Laura Benanti, Andrew Rannells and Megan Hilty had a song about their cancelled TV shows ("Go On," "Smash," "The New Normal," and "The Playboy Club") with NPH countering with his success on "How I Met Your Mother." 

Overall, it was a very good night for Broadway. For a full recap of the telecast click here.

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