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Performance-Enhancing Drug Scandal Leads MLB To Seek Suspension

by Photo of Karly Redpath

Alex Rodriguez along with 20 other MLB players face possibe suspension for use of PEDs.

Performance-Enhancing Drug Scandal Leads MLB To Seek Suspension

It is no question that the issue of Performance-Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) has been an issue surrounding many professional sports for decades. Currently, 20 MLB players are caught in the midst of a scandal that may cause many of these players to be suspended. T.J. Quinn, Mike Fish and Pedro Gomez of Outside the Lines state, "If the suspensions are upheld, the performance-enhancing drug scandal would be the largest in American sport's history."

The start of the recent PED use accusations began in January 2013. The Miami News Times released information they had obtained from Biogenisis of America, an anti-aging clinic whose founder, Tony Bosch, had records with the names of both Major and Minor League baseball players who allegedly received PEDs. Among these records were the names of many star players such as Alex Rodriguez, Melky Cabrera, Nelson Cruz and Ryan Braun. Of course, Bosch has denied all accusations against him in the case. 

Most recently, one source familiar with the case stated that the Commissioner's office is seeking to suspend Rodriguez and Braun for 100 games, rather than 50, because they would both be considered repeat offenders with previous doping offenses. This source specified that this would be the case because the player's previously stated they had not used PEDs, which constitutes one offense, and their connection to Bosch constitutes another.

In a press conference on June 5, New York Yankees Head Coach Joe Girardi, commented on his star third baseman's connection with the current PED scandal. Here's what he had to say:

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I worry about baseball being affected as a game, the whole thing and what it's been through in the last 15 years, and that's my concern. But I always worry about my players, always because I think one thing you never want to forget is that they're human beings... I worry about players on other teams, I mean that's the bottom line. If you care about the game you care about how it's affected, and it will always be that way. I think we all had hoped we got through it, but obviously we're not through it yet.


Girardi's hope that we had moved on from the issue of drug use in professional sport might have been a bit optimistic with multiple other doping scandals making the headlines in the past. Athletes today face a pressure unlike any other that causes them to go to great measures to be the best, and they are obviously willing to face the consequences of these actions.

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