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NBA Highlight of the Night - The Manu Nutmeg

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

Manu Ginobili threaded the needle through Tayshaun Prince’s legs as the Spurs swept the Grizzlies.

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When you watch the San Antonio Spurs, you can't help but be wowed at how effectively they move the ball. It isn't just point guard Tony Parker, either. Everyone on the roster, from Tim Duncan and his outlet passes to the reserve players, knows how to spread it around and find the open man. As good as Parker is, I think that Manu Ginobili is easily the best passer on the team, and he proved why last night when he put a ball through Tayshaun Prince's legs on the touch to a cutting Kris Joseph for a score.

Ginobili made a number of great passes last night, but this was the finest. He wasn't even holding the ball for a second before he fired the ball with precision and on the bounce through Prince's legs. (That phrasing makes me think Ginobili was playing basketball against Prince, and it pleases me to no end). It almost looks like it was a designed play, and knowing Gregg Popovich, it very well could have been mapped out like that.

NBA Highlight of the Night - The Manu Nutmeg

The Spurs went on to beat the Grizzlies 93-86 to complete their sweep, but the total outcome of the series isn't quite indicative of how close it really was. Memphis was competitive in every single game, and it's really a shame this matchup lasted just four games. But San Antonio ultimately executed better, and now they are headed back to the NBA Finals. Again.

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