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Cover of the Week: Charli XCX "I Want It That Way"

by Photo of Emily Maas

Hear this English singer’s unique version of the Backstreet Boy’s hit song.

Cover of the Week: Charli XCX

British singer-songwriter, Charli XCX, has finally made her way into our hearts. When she first came onto the scene her dark synth-pop was questionable and strange, but over time she's really made a name for herself. 

Since her start in 2008 she's dropped a bunch of singles and even two EPs, but it wasn't until her first LP, True Romance debuted on April 16 that she really stole our hearts. The album features electric hits like "You (Ha Ha Ha)" and "Take My Hand" that are both mesmerizing and refreshing. It also doesn't hurt that she co-wrote and is featured on Icona Pop's "I Love It," which is an entirely different level of catchy previously unknown to pop. 

Now, she's gone and covered a Backstreet Boys song. Not just any Backstreet Boys song, mind you, but "I Want It That Way," the iconic Backstreet Boys ballad of the nineties. And, she does a great job with it. She really makes it her own. She molds it into a uniquely different song while still holding onto the thrill that covering a song of that caliber provides. 

Her stripped down, almost ghastly voice, lends a macabre feeling to the otherwise pop-filled tune, but not in a way that's creepy. Charli's adorable smiles and excitement throughout prevent that. It really is a creative cover, which is something you don't get too often anymore. It definitely deserves a listen!

Let us know if you think Charli XCX does justice to the Backstreet Boys classic in the comments section below!

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