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Every Day is Halloween for Weird Al Yankovic

by Photo of Michelle Bair

He isn‘ t completely crazy‘“he just performs that way.

Every Day is Halloween for Weird Al Yankovic

 His mama told him when he was hatched “act like a super star, save your allowance, buy a bubble dress, and someday you will go far.” Oddly familiar? Although he really wasn’t born this way, Weird Al has mastered the peculiarity of Lady Gaga and her wacky ways. A parody of her song “Born This Way,” Weird Al successfully imitates Gaga’s distinct and bizarre in his spoof “Perform This Way.” Avatar, Frankenstein, covered will bees, Swiss cheese, a troll, evil queen and human jelly

bean—viewers engage Weird Al in a world of creative Gaga-inspired outfits.

“I’m sure my critics will say it’s a grotesque display,” he sings, crumbling up a newspaper with the headline: GAGA FAIL.

“Well they can bite me baby I perform this way!”

Perfectly describing Gaga, the video is a satire for every pop icon.

"I'll wrap my small intestines around my neck and set fire to myself onstage,” he sings.

This song, however, is only one of the 12 tracks on his new album "Alpocalypse"—which is packed with parodies similar to the ones he has been doing for over 20 years, but with a whole new scene.

Weird Al will be performing at University at Buffalo Center for the Arts on Wednesday, July 13 at 7:30p.m.

Before you stick your nose in the air to this strange satire master, try to answer this question: What exactly is normal?

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