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The 2013 Billboard Music Awards Recap

by Photo of Emily Maas

The BBMA’s aired last night and artists from Prince to One Direction accepted awards.

The 2013 Billboard Music Awards Recap

This year's Billboard Music Awards had a little bit of everything. From Chris Brown's dance fighting, to Taylor Swift's creative performance of "22," it was certainly an eventful night where music's top artists could shine. And shine they did. Taking place Sunday night (May 19) at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, it was an event stocked with performances and A-list celebrities.

You could say that Taylor Swift was the Adele of the BBMA's this year, taking home eight of the 11 awards she was nominated for, including Top Artist and Top Billboard 200 Album for her release of Red

Swift also performed a delightfully creative version of her increasingly popular hit, "22." She started the performance backstage, before making her way down the aisles of the audience on the back of a bicycle. Eventually, she made it on stage where she was joined by dancers of all varieties, including the Jabbawockeez and Cirque du Soleil dancers. 

The performance proved to be a very bright and refreshing change for viewers. Watch it below. 

Swift wasn't the only notable performer of the night, however. British duo Icona Pop performed "I Love It," Macklemore and Ryan Lewis put on "Thrift Shop," which won them Top Rap Song, and Selena Gomez sang "Come & Get It," for what feels like the millionth time. 

The more notable performances occurred when A-Ha popped up to sing a bit of "Take On Me" during Pitbull and Christina Aguilera's "Feel This Moment" and Chris Brown showed off his dance skills, and his dance fighting, in "Fine China," despite his trouble reaching the songs higher notes. Also, Prince, Billboard's Top Icon winner rocked the stage with "Let's Go Crazy" and Ed Sheeran brought a calmer mood with "Lego House."

The most talked about moment of the night, however, happened while Miguel was performing his hit single, "Adorn." The rising R&B star had attempted some sort of jump-kick from one stage to another, falling short and landing on some poor girl's neck. Then, he continued to sing. Luckily, the girl was just fine and was later seen backstage with both Miguel and an icepack. 

The only other cringe-worthy moment the awards show offered was when Justin Bieber accepted the highly-anticipated Chevy Milestone award and was booed by audience members. To be fair, it sounded like only half the audience was booing, while the other half was screaming their brains out, but the Biebs took it to heart, giving a speech that pleaded he be taken seriously despite his recent media scrambles. The booing was strange, because Bieber performed twice that night, and also received an award for Top Male Artist, none of which received the same response as his Milestone Award.  

The 2013 BBMA's was just like any other awards show. There were ups, and there were downs. Mostly ups, however, as even it's host, "30 Rock"'s Tracy Morgan, beat out expectations and proved to be an alright host. He even diffused some of the steam after the Bieber incident, and coerced Psy into a dance-off. Overall, it was a successful night for the world of music. 

Check out the complete list of the 2013 BBMA winners.

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