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The NFL Draft: Post First Round Thoughts

by Photo of Quentin Haynes

Just one quarterback in the first 32 picks, but a great first round overall. Let’s talk about it.

The NFL Draft: Post First Round Thoughts

The NFL draft was yesterday, and while it wasn’t as exciting as many would’ve wanted it, I came away happy. I don’t want to do a full breakdown of each pick, so I highlighted some winners, some teams with work to do, and some teams that “lost” in the first round.


Jacksonville Jaguars (Luke Joeckel- 2nd overall)

Let’s start with Jacksonville. Picking second overall, many thought the Jags would go with a defensive player, but once Kansas City took Eric Fisher, Jacksonville had to go with the best offensive lineman in the draft. Fisher is a good talent, but Joeckel seemed to be the better and safer talent. For his rookie season, he should be able to step in as a respectable right tackle opposite Eugene Monroe.

This also means no more excuses for Blaine Gabbert.

St. Louis Rams (Tavon Austin- 8th overall & Alec Ogletree- 30th overall)

I wasn’t a fan of the Tavon Austin move for a couple reasons, but we’ll get to that when we do the full grades for each team. Austin gives Bradford another weapon to work with on the outside, but this is more about Ogletree. I’m a huge fan of Ogletree’s size, speed, and versatility. Not only should he be an effective outside linebacker, but one who could take that defense to new heights.

Minnesota Vikings (Sharrif Floyd- 23rd overall, Xavier Rhodes- 25th overall, Cordarrelle Patterson- 29th overall)

WHEW. The Minnesota Vikings ended up with a bevy of talent. Floyd was rumored to go as high as number three in the draft. He’s a big body, two-gap defensive tackle and should be an instant starter in their defense. With Anotine Winfield off to Seattle, the Vikings used the pick from Seattle to acquire Rhodes, the big body cornerback who can make plays all around the field. Trading back up to get Patterson is huge. With Patterson’s upside, he could be one of the best talents from this draft.

Green Bay Packers (Datone Jones- 26th overall)

Ok, I’m biased. As a Packers fan, I love this pick. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. Jones was one of the two players I wanted at 26 (the other being Tennessee receiver Justin Hunter), and he’s a perfect fit for the defense. Running multiple schemes out of the 3-4 and 4-3, Jones should be able to play inside at DT in the 4-3 and outside at DE in the 4-3. Just a versatile player the Packers need.


New York Jets (Dee Milliner- 9th overall and Sheldon Richardson- 13th overall)

I love the first pick; hate (don’t understand) the second. The Jets got the best cornerback in the draft to replace Revis. It makes sense because Milliner is going to provide more years of production than Revis moving forward. Simple. Richardson on the other hand is interesting. I truly like some of the things he did at Missouri, playing multiple positions on the defensive line, but I don’t see where he starts, and when you’re at a top 15 draft pick, I need you to start. Rex Ryan does implicate some 4-3 packages, but not enough to get Richardson out there.

Oakland Raiders (D.J. Hayden- 12th overall)

I can’t fault the Raiders because they got the highest player on their board. I also have to applaud them for moving out of the top three to acquire a second round pick. However, I just don’t know if Hayden was the best player on the board there.

Buffalo Bills (E.J. Manuel- 16th overall)

This wasn’t a loser at first, but considering the fact the Bills were the only team to take a quarterback? I had to move it back to the losers. I laughed at the E.J. Manuel pick on Twitter, but it’s not a bad selection if they can sit and groom him. My fear is that the media will push him to start right away.

As you can see, I upgraded the Buffalo pick. I moved them up because while they made a draft pick I didn't agree with, the Bills did move back and grabbed another second round pick. With that, the Bills could add another defensive player to help the new 3-4 defense, or another receiver to take pressure off of Stevie Johnson.


Dallas Cowboys (Travis Fredrick-31st overall)

The Cowboys aren’t losers because of the pick. As a Green Bay Packers fan, I’m familiar with Fredrick’s work, and actually thought he’d be a nice pick in the early second round. The Cowboys lost because all they got from San Francisco after moving down was a third-round pick. To put it in perspective:

·       Miami moved down nine spots and got a second round pick

·       Buffalo moved down eight spots, got a second and swapped thirds

·       St. Louis moved down eight spots and got a third and sixth

·       New England moved down twenty three spots and got a third, fourth and seventh

Dallas moved back thirteen spots and got the 78th pick. According to the trade value chart, the Cowboys took 100 points less in value to move back 13 picks.

New Orleans Saints (Kenny Vaccaro- 15th overall)

The Saints didn't do anything wrong by picking Vacarro, they needed some defensive help. However, I felt like the Saints needed to move down in the draft. The Saints have a couple defensive needs, and lost a couple offensive pieces over the last two seasons. Vaccaro will help the defense, but with San Francisco eying Eric Reid and the safety position not addressed much in the first round, I thought moving back a couple of spots and adding an extra two or three draft picks would've made more sense.

The Saints aren't really losers, but someone had to join Dallas in the "losers" section.

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