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The NFL Draft: Thoughts For Tomorrow's First Round

by Photo of Quentin Haynes

Tomorrow is the First Round Of The NFL draft, and I have some ideas on what some teams should do in round one.

The NFL Draft: Thoughts For Tomorrow's First Round

I was planning on doing a mock draft, but between the Revis trade, multiple trade rumors, Geno Smith's rapid fall, and the fact that we don't really know who's going in the top five, I decided to just post some draft thoughts for tomorrow's first round. Here you go.

- The Oakland Raiders need to move down

The Raiders have the 3rd overall pick in the draft. However, they don’t pick again until the third round. For a team with many holes and cap issues, they need more young talent. With Geno Smith cooling off the past month, they won’t find someone to move up for a quarterback, but with Philadelphia hawking Central Michigan’s Eric Fisher, perhaps someone like San Diego wants to claim the best second-best offensive lineman in the draft. If they don't feel comfortable trading with a division rival, maybe a team like Tennessee, New York, or the San Francisco 49ers, a team with 13 draft picks, could entice the Raiders to take less value for their 3rd overall pick to move down and collect more picks in the top 150. 

- The St. Louis Rams First Round Picks

The Rams currently own the 16th and 22nd pick in the first round of the NFL draft. After an offseason where they added two offensive talents (offensive tackle Jake Long and tight end/wide receiver hybrid Jared Cook), the Rams could be looking for an outside talent to help Sam Bradford. On the flip side, they also lost budding superstar Danny Amendola to the New England Patriots and running back Stephen Jackson to the Atlanta Falcons. Needless to say, this team needs help on offense. At 16, the Rams could look at West Virginia’s Tavon Austin, but with the Jets eyeing Austin in the first round, Tennessee’s Cordarrelle Patterson or even Tennessee’s Justin Hunter could be an ideal pick with their 22nd pick, and the Rams could go with either big name guard (Alabama’s Chance Warmack or North Carolina’s Jonathan Cooper) if they fall to 16.

- Who’s Taking Jarvis Jones?

Jarvis Jones was mocked as high as number two overall during the season, but injury history and a slow 40 time dashed that dream. In college, Jones started out at USC before a medical injury forced USC to shut him down and led Jones to transfer to Georgia. At Georgia, Jones looked like the best pass rusher in the country, showing the ability to attack the quarterback not only from the 4-3 defensive end position, but the 4-3 outside linebacker position as well, something Tennessee and Denver does with their respective young talents. He looks liked the perfect Von Miller clone, but the draft process picked and prodded Jones into murky territory draft wise. Now, Jones’ stock is in a bit of flux. In theory, Jones could go as high as 8 to Buffalo, but don’t be shocked if he fell to the Giants at 19th overall.

- The Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins have a top 15 pick, two second-round picks, and two third-round picks. The Dolphins could make a move into the top 7 and take an offensive tackle, or they can actually use the picks to fill needs. With the way the Dolphins played free agency, I wouldn’t be shocked if the Dolphins moved a second-round pick for Kansas City offensive tackle Branden Albert AND possibly moved up for a defensive talent to solidify the front seven.

- Minnesota’s Two First Round Picks

Thanks to the Percy Harvin trade, the Vikings now have picks 25 and 27 in the first round. The Vikings brought in Greg Jennings to help replace Harvin, but there’s still many needs on the defensive side of the ball. With Pat Williams retiring, the Vikings could add a defensive tackle to drop into the middle of their defense; a corner back could be nice with the loss of Antoine Winfield, and the linebacking core could use multiple picks, and that could bring Manti T’eo to the podium. Either way, the Vikings not only get younger, but they could bring in two potential stud talents to an already impressive football team.

- Justin Hunter

Before an injury in the first few weeks of his sophomore season, Justin Hunter was considered a special talent. He’s fast, big, and possesses great hands. Now, he’s making moves back into the first round. At 6'4", 225 pounds, Hunter could be someone that compares highly to Anquan Boldin. With potential injury concerns, he won’t go in the top 20, but don’t be shocked if Green Bay at 26, Houston at 29, or Baltimore at 32 all take a chance to add a very talented receiver, one who can create an impact from day one if healthy.

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