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Knicks Enter Playoffs for Third Straight Season

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

This time with home court advantage.

Knicks Enter Playoffs for Third Straight Season

This is a guest post by Dan Groob, TiqIQ

The New York Knicks have made the playoffs in three consecutive seasons since Carmelo Anthony arrived in the Big Apple, after having not qualified for postseason play since 2004. Despite this modicum of success however, their lackluster performance in the postseason has been a major disappointment in the face of sky high expectations. After being swept by Boston in the first round of 2011, and falling victim to the eventual champion Miami Heat last season, the pressure is on ‘Melo and company to prove their worth in these playoffs.

The Knicks will once again run into the feisty Boston Celtics in the first round, only this time with home court advantage. On the strength of a 31-10 record at Madison Square Garden, the Knicks were able to compile a 54-28 season en route to the 2nd seed in the Eastern Conference. Fans were packing MSG each and every night, leading to the most expensive average ticket price in the NBA this season at $458 dollars.

According to TiqIQ, prices for New York Knicks tickets at MSG for the first round of the playoffs significantly outpace the Knicks regular season average. First round tickets at MSG carry an average price of $808 dollars, representing a 76% premium over the average regular season price of $458. Naturally, a potential game 7 carries the highest average price, at a whopping $1,198 dollars. The least expensive game is currently game 2, checking in at an average of $552 dollars.

While Celtics tickets for the (potential) three games of the series in Boston outpace the regular season home average for the Celtics by 175%, they are still significantly less expensive than MSG tickets. Games 3 and 4 of the series at the TD Banknorth Garden carry average prices of $251 and $252 dollars, respectively, with get-in prices of $66 and $67 dollars.

Juxtaposing the average ticket prices for the Boston games with the get-in prices for the New York games provides a good example of how drastic the difference is between the two markets this season. While the three games in Boston average $275 dollars per ticket, largely propped up by the $321 dollar average of a potential game 6, get-in prices for MSG are no less than $172 dollars for any game. In fact, the get-in price for a potential game 7 at MSG of $257 dollars is higher than the average ticket price for two of the three games in Boston.

  • Game 1 at MSG $625/$180 
  • Game 2 at MSG $552/$172  
  •  Game 3 at TD $251/$66  
  •  Game 4 at TD $252/$67 
  •  Game 5 at MSG $855/$210  
  •  Game 6 at TD $321/$66  
  •  Game 7 at MSG $1198/$257  
  •  Knicks avg: $808  
  • Celtics avg: $275 
  • Knicks first round tickets are 194% higher than Celtics first round tickets  
  • Knicks playoff tickets are 76% above the Knicks $458 home avg. 
  • Celtics playoff tickets are 175% above the Celtics $100 home avg.

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