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Watch: Ghostface Killah Destroys New Track on "Fallon"

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

With The Roots backing him, Ghostface ripped through his new song “I Declare War” last night.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon is the king of musical guests right now. This fact can't be disputed. Having the Roots there to jam with certainly helps, but when you look at the kind of acts appear on a weekly basis, it's pretty astounding. The show gets big names, books those under-the-radar buzz bands and gets everything in between. Last night, Fallon got a big name in the rap game: Ghostface Killah.

The Wu-Tang member has a new album coming out next week with Adrian Younge called Twelve Reasons to Die. Last night, with The Roots backing him, Killah performed "I Declare War" for the Late Night audience with along with Younge, Master Killa and Killah Priest. If this track is any indication, the album is going to be fire. Ghostface gives a real solid performance, spitting his lyrics with plenty of force. Plus, anytime you can reference yourself as a Black Avenger and a "war-time Stark" makes for a good time. And, as per usual, The Roots keep it real with their accompaniment in the background.

Watch: Ghostface Killah Destroys New Track on

Twelve Reasons to Die comes out on April 16 and is currently streaming on NPR via their "First Listen". I strongly recommend it. 

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