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Review: "Dear Miss Lonelyhearts" by Cold War Kids

by Photo of Almas Korotana

The California foursome return with their fourth full-length effort.


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California's Cold War Kids have, as usual, been hard at work to bring us yet another record which they released earlier this week. Dear Miss Lonelyhearts is the band's fourth studio album release since 2006, which follows Loyalty to Loyalty and Mine is Yours which were both commercially and critically successful. However, Robbers and Cowards was a superb debut release which managed to be so achingly cool that it's been tricky for the band to quite replicate that quality since. So can this album change that?

The album launches straight into the punchy and poppy "Miracle Mile", which also serves as the first single release - a wise choice as we're urged by lead vocalist Nathan Willets to 'come up for air' during this delightfully assaulting track. This blends effortlessly into "Lost That Easy", a catchy track which captures the easygoing Californian life and, given the chance, could easily be a summer anthem, as could the addictive "Bottled Affection".

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/vq3mLvnBcTo" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

There's a slight lull in "Loner Phase", "Fear and Trembling" and "Water and Power" which are a little formulaic, dull and average at best, but "Tuxedos" is an emotive lamenting, bluesy piece which makes the most of Willets' uniquely desperate vocals. The title track features some unusual drumming and relaxing guitar riffs to create a sleepy and sweetly melancholic song to nearly finish off the album. The band bows out with "Bitter Poem", again showcasing Willets' gloriously soulful voice.

This a well-rounded record and a very good attempt at recreating the hey day of Cold War Kids' debut album but doesn't quite reach that level. However, it feels like we're getting very close to another Robbers and Cowards so we'll most definitely be following these Kids.

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