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Highlight of the Night: Doug Anderson Dominates College Dunk Contest

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

The Detroit senior threw down some amazing dunks. Can he be a wild card in next year’s NBA version?

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Everyone wonders after every dunk contest that goes by listlessly whether or not the concept is played out. Detroit's Doug Anderson, competing in the college slam dunk contest last night, showed that the event can still be very relevant.

Anderson received a perfect score for every dunk he executed, including a finishing dunk that I had never seen performed before. He approached the rim on the left side, performed basically a 360º while putting the ball from his right to his left hand through his legs, then cupped the ball with his left and threw it down at an angle. It's one of the craziest dunks I've seen, and it's definitely better than a lot of the stuff you see in today's NBA dunk contests.

Highlight of the Night: Doug Anderson Dominates College Dunk Contest

The scary thing about those dunks is how easy Anderson made them look. The guys has insane athleticism, incredible dexterity and can finish the dunks with authority. If he isn't in the league next year, can he still get a wild card entry into next year's NBA dunk contest? The world needs more of Doug Anderson's dunks, and it needs them now.

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