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Video: David Cross Announces Bonnaroo Comedy Lineup

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

From right in front of the Brooklyn Bridge, Cross delivered the lineup. Get the binoculars out.

Keeping with their unorthodox approaches to lineup introductions, Bonnaroo put out a video officially announcing their comedy lineup for the 2013 festival. Comedian David Cross did the honors, and he made the announcement from DUMBO (Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass) in Brooklyn, and did it from a spot on the East River with the Brooklyn Bridge in the background (a stone's throw from our office on the East River).

There's nothing unorthodox about a talking head introducing a lineup, except that the camera was completely zoomed out and you could barely see Cross' face. Where was the boom mike? How did they pick up Cross so cleanly? I would have loved it if the video had been Cross screaming the lineup from that far away, but this fulfills their quirky quotient for Internet videos.

Check out the full lineup below, which has tons of talent ready to break out like James Adomian and Michael Che.

David Cross
Bob Saget
Ed Helms
James Adomian
Jared Logan
Maria Bamford
Mike BirBiglia
Reggie Watts
Daniel Tosh
Nikki Glaser
Improvised Shakespeare Company
Kyle Dunnigan
Cristela Alonzo
Chris Gethard
Scott Aukerman and Comedy Bang! Bang!
Eric Andrea
Michael Che
The Comedy Theatre Hosted by IFC

Video: David Cross Announces Bonnaroo Comedy Lineup

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