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British Bands To Look Out For This Year

by Photo of Almas Korotana

With indie music making a comeback, we run down some of the UK’s emerging talents.

British Bands To Look Out For This Year

As the alternative genre makes a comeback in the mainstream music arena, the UK has been busy generating a glut of talented bands that are well worth looking and listening out for. And as a Brit who's found herself in the US for a few months, here is my rundown of the bands that I feel are (or should be) poised for a US breakthrough in the near future.                 

Public Service Broadcasting - This London-based duo have been around since 2010, though have yet to release their debut album which is due out later this spring. Their unique sound on The War Room EP sees them sampling old wartime public information films within their electronic-based music, with "Spitfire" and "London Can Take It" being the standout tracks.

Tribes - With a leg up from the BBC, Tribes quickly gained a sturdy fan base throughout 2011 to prelude the release of their fantastic debut album entitled Baby. While the entire album maintains a consistently high standard, "Sappho" and "Alone Or With Friends" certainly leads the pack. With a sound that's reminiscent of T-Rex, the group's highly anticipated second album Wish To Scream is due for release this May.

Teleman - Currently touring some smaller venues in the UK, Teleman have only released a couple of singles; the stirring "Cristina" and poppy-upbeat "In Your Fur". Their neat and simple sounds are a refreshing change from the often guitar and drum-heavy music of recent indie bands and hopefully an album should be on its way soon.

Dog Is Dead - This quintet from Nottingham (pictured above) have been together since 2008 and released their debut album, All Our Favourite Stories, late last year. The band describe their catchy sound as "uplifting pop for jazz junkies and choir folk" which is particularly evident in compelling tracks such as "Talk Through The Night", "Two Devils" and "Hands Down".

These New Puritans - Having been around for about seven years, this band hailing from Southend-on-Sea have released two albums so far with a third completed and awaiting release this year. They've made a drastic step away from hip-hop inspired sounds on Beat Pyramid to woodwind-laden and beat-heavy anthemic songs on Hidden to create the kind of music you've never heard before so the upcoming album should be something that keeps us all guessing.  

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