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Big Comedians Will Produce Online Content

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera, Ricky Gervais and more are heading to the Internet to produce content.

Big Comedians Will Produce Online Content

Comedians Sarah Silverman, Reggie Watts, Tim and Eric (Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim) and Michael Cera are joining forces to create the new YouTube channel JASH. Here's what JASH is all about, via a press release:

JASH gives comedians and artists a platform to create and control their own digital content and fully share in the revenues. JASH is already attracting top-tier talent by providing them with the financing, production resources, editing facilities and personnel to create quality online videos. All collaborating partners will be given complete autonomy to make short films, sketches, series, one-offs, talk-shows, animation and music videos. The goal of JASH is to gather the most distinct and brightest talent to form a comedy artists’ collective.

It's an all-star team of talent getting together, but is there a reason for the union? Is this sort of like a YouTube video school, of sorts, bringing in the best of the best to further develop their skills? But why do this now? I'm excited to see the kind of things all of the parties involved will produce, but it does seem a bit confusing to me. Not as confusing as the name (seriously, JASH? Really?) but confusing nonetheless.

JASH isn't the only initiative bringing a major comedian to the Internet. Ricky Gervais will be heading to the Internet to make content across the pond. Via Splitsider:

Ricky Gervais just signed a deal with ChannelFlip, a UK online video company that runs over 140 million YouTube channels, to produce his own content that will be released via his YouTube channel, Deadline reports. Gervais will be releasing "sketches, filmed podcasts & behind the scenes antics and interviews from the forthcoming The Muppets… Again."

Again, the Internet is a great platform for producing content. I just don't see why all of a sudden these comedians are doing this now.

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