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Listen: "So Right" (The J.R. Smith Song)

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

This R Kelly-esque parody about the Knicks guard hits all of the appropriate notes.


It's no news that the New York Knicks are in a sticky situation thanks to their recent string of injuries. Their top three players, Carmelo Anthony, Amar'e Stoudemire and Tyson Chandler, are all out no with various ailments. That leaves enigmatic guard J.R. Smith as the main scoring option for the team.

While Smith was able to score 33 points for the Knicks off the bench last night, it still wasn't enough to top the Trail Blazers as they lost 105-90 for their third straight defeat. Despite some inconsistencies, Smith is having arguably his best year as a pro. He's putting up career highs in points, rebounds, assists and minutes for New York. For a player that can be so maddening at times, he has been invaluable to this team and probably deserves some sort of anthem.

Enter Milford Jerome and "So Right" (The J.R. Smith Song). Jerome created a smooth, R. Kelly-esque R&B jam that is as erratic and all-over-the-place as Smith. The song touches on everything, and I mean everything, J.R.: shooting threes, taking more shots, getting passes out of double teams, pandas, golf, passing to Novak, more shooting, scooters, his "ass tweet", tattoos and shoes, and multiple Goerge Karl disses.

For a parody tune, it's actually pretty fantastic. After a rough stretch, this is the kind of tune that can help lift even the lowest of spirits. Long live J.R. Smith, and long live Milford Jerome's epic ballad.

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