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New Rochelle Wins Title on 55-foot Buzzer Beater

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

This is one of the craziest shots you will ever see considering how much was on the line.

New Rochelle Wins Title on 55-foot Buzzer Beater

Back in high school, I used to attend the New York State High School State Tournament up in rustic Glens Falls, New York almost seasonally. From the small Class D school to the perennial AA powers, the weekend provided a great showcase of highly competitive games. 

Teams are now starting to earn their trips to Glens Falls, and I don't think you will find a more dramatic way to punch your ticket to the dance than New Rochelle's victory over Mount Vernon in the Section 1 Class AA Championship yesterday. New Rochelle (alma mater of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice) finished the game on a 12-1 run in the final four minutes to beat Mount Vernon (alma mater of Charlotte Bobcats guard Ben Gordon) 61-60, and it was capped by a miracle 55-foot heave by Khalil Edney at the buzzer.

Edney threw a long inbounds pass that was deflected and intercepted near mid-court by Mount Vernon. The player then lobbed the ball up in the air to stall time, but if Michael Ruffin has taught us anything, it's make sure you throw it high enough in the air. Edney was able to intercept the lob and quickly release a prayer that somehow went down.

My favorite part of the video is both team's celebrating like boxers after a fight goes the distance. Each was demonstrative in their claims to victory, but after the officials huddled up, they counted the shot and New Rochelle was crowned a winner.

All of the props go to Edney here. He initially made the turnover on the play, which would be enough to take many players out of the play mentally. But he stayed with it and had the composure and presence of mind to make a play on the lob, then in one fluid motion get off the shot. And he did it all on a bum ankle! I've never seen anything quite like it, and I don't know that I will see something as dramatic and incredible as that play.

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