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Video: LeBron James' Insane Pre-game Dunk

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

James tossed himself a pass off the glass and threw down a vicious dunk before last night’s game.

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LeBron James apparently isn't content with dominating just games. He has to win the pre-game warm-ups now too. Last night before Miami's game against the Cleveland Cavaliers, LeBron messed around and threw himself an alley-oop off the backboard, then soared through the air to throw down a ridiculously nasty dunk.

Whoever that voice is in the video said it best: "OOOOOOOOOOHHHH... WHAT?!?!?" LeBron basically tossed that to himself from just inside the three-point line after going through the legs but still had the quickness and athleticism to take just two steps, power up, and rise for the jam. After showing this off, the question remains: Why won't LeBron participate in the dunk contest? It makes no sense why he hasn't done at least one yet, and his participation might be the only thing that can save the stale proceedings. Save us LeBron. You're our only hope.

Video: LeBron James' Insane Pre-game Dunk

Let CHARGED.fm get you tickets to see the Miami Heat take on the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden, but make sure you get there early in case LeBron decides to do something like this again.

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