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Bad Books Rocks NYC's Bowery Ballroom

by Photo of Gabriela Barkho

Andy Hull and Kevin Devine’s side project put on an unforgettable show last night.

Bad Books Rocks NYC's Bowery Ballroom

Bad Books may be a fairly new collaboration between Manchester Orchestra's Andy Hull and indie folk artist Kevin Devine, but by last night's show, their fans made it feel like their millionth performance. The side project has resulted in a current nearly sold out tour for the band, including last night's show at Bowery Ballroom, which also included openers The Front Bottoms from New Jersey and San Diego's Weatherbox.

The night began around 8 p.m. with Weatherbox getting the crowd warmed up after waiting outside the Ballroom in the cold. The punk rock group played some of their singles in about a 30-minute set before local favorites The Front Bottoms came on to get the atmosphere pumping. At this point, the venue was starting to fill up with late arrivals and the show started hitting its peak. 

The Front Bottoms' hybrid acoustic/pop/punk sound got the crowd dancing with singles like "Flashlight" and "Swimming Pool". Lead singer/guitarist Brian Sella made sure their biggest fans sang and danced along for the 45-minute set they put on. This was the perfect transition for Bad Books to pick up from as they began setting up around 9:30 pm. 

There is no doubt the majority of the crowd was there for Bad Books, as fans of both Manchester Orchestra and Kevin Devine crowded around the stage to hear them play signature hit "Forest Whitaker" along with "It Never Stops" and "Pyotr". With hilarious spontaneous covers of Hootie and The Blowfish's "Let Her Cry", Devine and Hull gave the crowd both a fun and authentic performance. The Bowery Ballroom was the perfect setting for this as Devine mentioned that it was the first venue Bad Books performed in when they started their collaboration. 

Bad Books' success can be credited to what they do best live: blending Andy Hull's soulful vocals with Kevin Devine's folk style. This, coupled with the duo's back and forth sarcastic remarks mid-song and Manchester Orchestra's members supporting, makes their live performances truly worth standing in the cold for. So be sure to catch this gem of a band next time they come to your city!

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  1. pLot Developers's profile

    pLot Developers

    March 23rd, 2010 @17:48

    absolutely dope

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