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Video: Charles Barkley Went on 'The Price Is Right'

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

Sir Charles bid on items from his past, including his Weight Watchers dress and a Kenny Smith trading card.

Charles Barkley made an appearance this week on The Price Is Right's celebrity edition, where he joined host Drew Carey on stage to bid on some items from his past. Some of the items, like a pair of Barkley Nike shoes, weren't outlandish. Others, like a DVD copy of Look Who's Talking Too (in which he made a cameo appearance in 1993), a Kenny Smith trading card, and the dress/shoes he wore in his Weight Watchers commercial were more outlandish. 

But the spot gave Chuck a chance to show off his humor and spontaneity. When he underbid on the DVD ($3 as opposed to the $10 cost), he exclaimed, "That's a rip-off!" Before he bid on the dress, he took a few moments to make a few points clear. First, those are his real arms in the ad, contrary to what Shaquille O'Neal says. And second, after wearing women's size 16 shoes, he never wants to see a woman with size 16 feet. 

This just makes me want to see Barkley participate in all of the game shows out there. Wheel of Fortune? Hell yes. Jeopardy? Sign him up. Killer Karaoke? I can't say yes enough. If not game shows, just give me more candid Barkley on my television. 

Video: Charles Barkley Went on 'The Price Is Right'

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