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The Strokes Drop 'All The Time'

by Photo of Gabriela Barkho

The Strokes’ second single ‘All The Time’ from upcoming album was released today

The Strokes Drop 'All The Time'

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The Strokes released another single from their upcoming album Comedown Machine, which is to be released this March. The new single 'All The Time' premiered on BBC Radio today and it brings back some of The Strokes' early sound. Sterogum describes the new single as a revert back to original Strokes-esqueness by the band, which is what early fans have come to love about the New York City group.

Initial fan reaction has been positive across social networks, as listeners commented on the band's Facebook page expressing their approval. In comparison with first single 'One Way Trigger', which was released last month to lukewarm reviews, 'All The Time' inserts energy back into the band's anticipated album. This track features faster guitar rhythms and a catchy chorus that is sure to replay in your head for days.      

This changes the entire view on Comedown Machine and will surely change the minds of those who were skeptical while hearing the mediocre 'One Way Trigger.' Check out 'All The Time' below and let us know what you think of the new track!

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