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Chvrches Unleashes Infectious New Single 'Recover'

by Photo of Gabriela Barkho

The Scottish electronic pop band Chvrches released a new single to rave reviews today

Chvrches Unleashes Infectious New Single 'Recover'

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If you're familiar with the synth pop group Chvrches, you know how catchy their pop infused singles are. The group released new single 'Recover' today and Pitchfork named it their best new track. The song immediately demands the listener's attention with a catchy rhythm reminiscent of a summer dance hit. Lead singer Lauren Mayberry's voice does not disappoint when layered over the electric notes, somehow forcing us to hum along. 

'Recover' is sure to catch much air play in the near future as fans on social networks are already flocking to listen on repeat. Chvrches' Recover EP is set to be released on March 26 in the US, according to Pitchfork. Fans will definitely be looking forward to more of this sound from the Scottish group and hoping for a full length album in the near future. Following their touring with Passion Pit last year, Chvrches is definitely a group worth trying to see live. 

Listen to 'Recover' below!

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