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Download: "Ex-Factor (Lauryn Hill Cover" by Margaret Glaspy

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

To commemorate the release of her EP ‘If & When’ Glaspy covered one of her favorite songs.


In this article…

Photo by Josh Strymish

Lauryn Hill is a tough artists to cover. Her voice is so pure and soulful that most re-interpretations can't begin to do the original justice. But Margaret Glaspy does that easily with her cover of Hill's song "Ex-Factor" and you'll understand when you listen to the voice on her stripped down version of the song.

With just her guitar, Glaspy creates a spare and incredibly emotional song that is available for download via Paste Magazine. Glaspy's music has been influenced by a wide variety of artists, from Feist to Jeff Buckley to Nina Simone and Hill. You can hear how her growth has been shaped too, especially in this cover. She told Paste why this song is so important to her, especially performed live:

“Every time I prepare to do that song live, I feel like it sews the audience together into a blanket of purple and grey and everyone (myself included) is transported to the time that they first discovered Lauryn Hill or is faced with the truths of their relationships. It’s an experience that makes me feel like a vessel and as much a part of the audience as the performer, adoring what Lauryn gave us and letting the world know what she gave me,” Glaspy says.

Take a listen to the track below:

Here's the original for comparison's sake:

Not too shabby if you ask me. In fact, that's downright beautiful. You can hear some real pain there, and that just makes the song shine. Glaspy is making the track available to download to commemorate the release of her new EP If & When out today digitally on StorySound Records (purchase on iTunes or Amazon). In addition to the new EP, Glaspy will be performing in Boston tonight at Club Passim (to celebrate the release) and will be performing as part of a month-long residency at Rockwood Music Hall in New York City every Monday starting February 4th. This is certainly one voice to keep an eye on, and if you happen to live in NYC you should definitely make the effort to see her.

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