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Chip Kelly to the Eagles

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

In a surprise move, Kelly will in fact move to the NFL instead of returning to Oregon.

Chip Kelly to the Eagles

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I shouldn't have been surprised by this, but when I heard Chip Kelly was hired by the Eagles, I was certainly surprised. What had seemed like an inevitability at just a few weeks ago, but Kelly walked away saying that he would return as coach of the Oregon Ducks. Of course, he said this before there was any contract. That left the window open for Philadelphia, who swooped in today and locked up the innovative college coach.

In four seasons at Oregon, Kelly led the team to four straight BCS Bowl Game appearances with wins in his final two years. Kelly's wild offense made for incredibly high-scoring games, and he brings an incredibly innovative mind with him to the next level. 

The first thing that comes to mind is the possibility of Michael Vick in Kelly's fast-paced system. But there are still so many questions surrounding Vick and his ability to a) perform and b) stay healthy. Kelly's system would certainly expose Vick to more hits unless he made some serious adjustments (or Vick finally made adjustments), but the ceiling could be extraordinarily high if Kelly could bring out the old Vick.

There is still a lot to look at surrounding this deal, and no appraisals can be made until we see what kind of tweaks Kelly has made to his system and what adjustments Philadelphia makes to its roster. But with RGIII in Washington and now Kelly in Philadelphia, the NFC East has some explosive potential.

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