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NBA Highlight of the Night: Darren Collison for the Tie

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

Down three, Collison hit a game-tying shot at the buzzer against OKC that will make your jaw drop.

NBA Highlight of the Night: Darren Collison for the Tie

If you thought J.R. Smith's shot to beat the Suns last night was ridiculous, you obviously missed Darren Collison's shot to beat the buzzer and send their game against Oklahoma City into overtime.  Trailing by three, Dallas had just 2.2 seconds left with the ball on the sideline.  On the inbounds play, it looked like they tried to hit Vince Carter coming around near the three-point line, but instead of catching the ball Carter tapped it backwards.  Newly reinstated Dirk Nowitzki popped up towards the top of the key as Shawn Marion caught the ball, but Nowitzki had Kevin Martin right behind him.  Instead, Marion found Collison on the wing, and this happened:

I still can't even comprehend the physics behind the shot.  Collison began the jump on his jumpshot before he caught the ball, then released (or more accurately, flipped) it basically with one arm just as time expired.  If he had waited until after he caught the ball to jump, he surely wouldn't have been able to release the shot in time.  When I saw it live, I couldn't even form complete sentences.  I'm still struggling to do this shot justice.  I just haven't really seen anything like it.  

Collison's heroics didn't propel the Mavericks to victory, however.  Behind Kevin Durant's 40 points, Serge Ibaka's 19/17, and Russell Westbrook's 16/10, OKC powered through for the 111-105 win once the extra frame ended.  Still, that shot was incredible.

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