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Nets Fire Avery Johnson

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

After winning Coach of the Month on November, Johnson is out the door in December.

Nets Fire Avery Johnson

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Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski broke the news that the Brooklyn Nets today fired head coach Avery Johnson and named assistant P.J. Carlesimo the interim coach.

Several, including NBA.com's John Schumann, were quick to note that Johnson had been named the NBA's Coach of the Month in November.  Not even a month later, Johnson is out the door.  What went so wrong so quickly?  Poor play (especially from star Deron Williams) and an ill-timed injury to Brook Lopez certainly didn't help.  But the Nets were a completely different team in these two months.

Schumann went over some statistical discrepancies between the Nets during those two months.  After an 11-4 start, Brooklyn is 3-10 and sits at .500.  Their offensive rating was at 104.6 during November, but during December that figure dropped to 101.  The defensive rating, which was above average at 100, dropped to 108.6 in December, good for 28th in the league.  When you slip that much on the defensive end and don't make up for it on offense, losses are to be expected.

A lot of this will likely be pinned on Deron Williams.  After being seen as the main reason for Jerry Sloan's departure in Utah and for having recently voiced his displeasure with the "system" in New Jersey, reason stands to point the finger his way.  However, there had been rumblings about Johnson's job security when the slide began, especially with the all-in moves they made in the offseason.  But Williams' play this year certainly didn't help Johnson.  Williams is shooting a career low percentage from the field on fewer shots, but his usage rate has sharply declined from 30% last year to 24% this year.  A lot of that has to do with the inclusion of high-usage players like Lopez, Joe Johnson, and even Andray Blatche (who has an insane 26.9% usage rate).  It seemed like in November the team had things figured out, but December has thrown it all into a funk.

That funk cost Johnson his job.  We've seen this team perform at a high level this year, so maybe the only thing missing is a coach that can get that result out of his team successfully.  

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