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NBA Highlight of the Night: J.R. Smith Wins It Again

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

And he does it as only J.R. Smith can do: In improbable fashion.

NBA Highlight of the Night: J.R. Smith Wins It Again

Is there a better "bad shot" taker in the NBA than J.R. Smith?  Kobe Bryant takes and makes plenty of bad shots.  Dwayne Wade certainly hits improbable, high degree of difficulty shots with ease at times.  Maybe Bryant is the best right now.  But J.R. Smith has saved some of his best moments for some terribly difficult, seemingly impossible shots late in games.  Last night was another one.

Just like in Charlotte earlier this year, Smith hit a fading, falling jumper to give the Knicks a two-point win over the Phoenix Suns late Wednesday night.  The shots are almost identical, too, except in Charlotte he dribbled and stepped back to make that shot.  Last night, Smith caught the pass in motion with only a second remaining on the clock (and what a perfect bounce pass it was from Jason Kidd, who played a masterful game last night as well) and had to quickly rise and fire.  With every part of his body falling out of bounds, Smith was still able to square his shoulders and line up the shot (as only J.R. and a handful of others can do). 

Here's the video of J.R.'s game-winner courtesy of Posting and Toasting

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/T1swX9PtuD8" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Weirdly enough, the shot he hit to tie the game may have been even more difficult than his game-winner.  Smith's shots perfectly embody that "NOOOOOO!!! .... YESSSSS!!!!" reaction from fans.  He takes the shot you hate to see, but then it goes in.  The Knicks needed those ugly shots last night to pull out the win, and Smith delivered like he has more often than not.

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