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NBA Highlight of the Night: Gerald Henderson's Dunk

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

Gerald Henderson’s vicious dunk on Dwight Howard is an early frontrunner for “Dunk of the Year.”

NBA Highlight of the Night: Gerald Henderson's Dunk

The Charlotte Bobcats came this close to beating the Los Angeles Lakers last night, falling 101-100 on a late Kobe Bryant layup.  But between the actual result, the continuing drama in Los Angeles, and anything else surrounding the game, none of it is really relevant because of what Gerald Henderson did to Dwight Howard.

Henderson posterized Howard and threw the ball through the hoop Blake Griffin-over-Timo Mozgov style.  He rose so high so quickly (with Howard sort of assisting the ascent on the play) that all Dwight could do was watch and hope that he missed with his baseball-style throw.  Henderson didn't comply though.  Watch the vicious slam below courtesy of SportsGrid:  

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/3izkFFfkNZc" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

This has got to be the Dunk of the Year in the NBA right now, and I can't really think of another dunk that comes close.  It's going to take something special to unseat Henderson from this spot.  He might have sealed that title early.

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