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Video Premiere: Kid Cudi - "King Wizard"

by Photo of Louis Santiago

Cudi keeps it simple in his newest video release.

Video Premiere: Kid Cudi -

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Yesterday, Kid Cudi released the video for his newest track "King Wizard." The track marks a new chapter in Cudi's musical timeline, but one the fans are familiar with and accept with open arms.

For the video Cudi keeps everything simple by shooting it entirely from one camera angle. Keeping with the minimalist vibe, the video takes place on an empty street with nothing but Cudi and whatever nefarious activity takes place on that road. Let just say that if you had to take this street late at night, you might want to walk quickly and not make any eye contact with anyone. The crane shot is something that is seldom used in rap videos but it's the only shot featured in "King Wizard." Cudi embraced it and tries something different but interesting. 

The video contains a border of a gold picture frame, which is the identical border that was used in "Just What I Am" video. The frame gives the content inside a classic but artistic glow about it. The video also uses a filter that gives it a old vintage feel. The post-production trick makes the video seem warm and reminds fans of his videos from MOTM 2. Check out the video for "King Wizard" below.

When Cudi released WZRD, people's view on the Cleveland rapper changed drastically. The music was unlike anything they had heard from him before and of course, there was no rapping. Now that the project has been critiqued to death, Cudi is well into his next project Indicud. If you wanted to know what this version of Cudi was going to sound like, you were happy when you listened to "Just What I Am" and "King Wizard." He returned to a sound that was familiar to many and he was back to rapping and singing just like we love. 

While I am glad that he's back to rap I believe that the WZRD project was something that needed to happen. I think that during the creation of the album, Cudi learned a great deal about how to really craft music. I know that he knew how to make songs before as evidenced by his two great albums, but I think he really learned the ins and outs of a full song.

He also picked up how to play a guitar and mix music on his own. Even though the music was not what you thought it was going to be it was still impressive to see a rap artist completely change his style and put out a decent album. Now he is back to making rap music and I think with all the knowledge he gained that he is better than he's ever been. I'm excited to hear more song from Indicud and I'm counting the months until its release.

After releasing the video, Cudi took to Twitter to tells fans that "King Wizard" will not be featured on Indicud and the track is a "Scooby Snack" of what will be on the album. He also wrote that the Indicud is scheduled to be released around March of next year. Hopefully he can stay true to his word and we will have some more jams to rock out to.

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