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Rick Ross Clears Rumors about Beefs and Tours

by Photo of Louis Santiago

Fresh of his tour cancellation Ross has some things that he feels need to be said.

Rick Ross Clears Rumors about Beefs and Tours

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A lot of fans were disappointed when Rick Ross canceled two dates of the "MMG Tour" in North Carolina. To make matters worse, Ross canceled the entire second leg of the tour. Allegedly, the issue that caused the cancellation was gang violence and threats to Rick Ross' life. Now the full story is coming out thanks to Ross himself. 

Ross took to a Miami radio station to clear the air about what happened with the tour cancellation. He also wanted to talk about his beefs with Young Jeezy and 50 Cent. 

As far as the tour fiasco, Ross claims that the North Carolina days were not canceled by him, rather the promoter. After that incident Ross had enough with this particular promoter and decided to cancel the rest of the dates on the tour. The MMG "bawse" went on to talk about how gang violence is of no concern to him. He affirms his status as a made man and he will always stay true to himself. His claims are bold and there might be some repercussions to this rant but only time will tell. 

Back in the days there would be no way for this radio interview to be heard and seen by anyone outside of Miami. Now we can hear a candid conversation with Ross and we get hear his side of the story. After listening to the interview you get a sense that Ross is a wise man and has been through a lot of things in his career. He puts forth his thoughts and beliefs so confidently that you can't help but absorb the lessons he is teaching. Watch the full interview below. 

Ross also felt the need to address his currently beefs in the rap game. As far as the BET Awards and his fight with Jeezy, Rozay was honest and said they he attempted to choke Yeezy and things escalated from there. If that was not enough, Ross went on to talk about his issues with 50 Cent. As many know, the two rappers have had beef for years now. Fans thought that the beef was dead when the two took the stage together at the BET Awards but this was not the case. Ross claims he respects Fifty but it will not stop him from beefing with the G-Uint general. Peep part two of the interview below. 

With Ross in such a talkative mood listeners got the chance to see how he approaches conflict and handles things accordingly. If only more rappers would do this then maybe we would get the true story about certain incidents. 

Ross has said via twitter that he will make it up to the cites that got their dates cancelled so be on the look out for an announcement of that nature. 

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