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Video Premiere Tuesday

by Photo of Louis Santiago

Three music videos premiered today from Wiz, Fabolous, and 50 Cent.

Video Premiere Tuesday

Remember the days when you used to rush home to watch the latest episodes of "TRL" and "106 & Park?" Millions of kids would vote on videos that they have seen thousands of times just so we can watch them move up or down a spot on the charts. Music videos were such an important thing to artists. It was a way to connect with fans and help listeners paint the picture of the song. 

With the invention of YouTube and other social media sites, many things from the music business got lost in the shuffle. One of the things lost is the significance of music videos. These new forms of media have allowed us instant access to our favorite artists and our appreciation for videos has decreased. 

Maybe I'm feeling a bit nostalgic in this gloomy weather, but allow me to rekindle this passion for music videos with some that premiered today. 

The first video is "The Bluff" by Wiz Khalifa Featuring Cam'ron. In the video Wiz takes a trip to Cam's stopping grounds of Harlem. Wiz has always credited Cam with influencing him so what better concept then to visit the place that influenced Cam. The video is a snapshot of what Harlem is today and how some things can change but most things will remain the same. This is also a metaphor for the approach that Cam has taken in the rap game. No matter how much styles and the sound of rap has changed Cam has always remained true to himself and has not done things just to fit in. Check out the video below. 

The song is the second single off Wiz's next album O,N,I.F.C. The album hits stores next week on December 4th. He is also currently on the "2050 Tour" with his Taylor Gang crew.    

The second video is an ode to the city that never sleeps. Fabolous has repped N.Y. ever since he blew up in the late 90's. No matter his success or what major song he's been on, Fab has always had love for the city that raised him. In a response to Lil Wayne's comments about his hatred for New York, Loso released this track as sort of a friendly shot to the Young Money rapper. While the song is about why N.Y. and Fab are so great, the video has a slightly different theme. In between cuts of Fab and the city are clips from the recent super storm Sandy that hit the Empire State. The amount of damage that Sandy has done will not soon be forgotten but Fab wants to remind people that we as New Yorkers are strong and together we can rebuild all that was damaged. Check out "So N.Y." below. 


The final video is for a song that was just released days ago. Yesterday we covered a new 50 Cent track that featured Eminem and Adam Levine. Today we get the visuals for the track. The video was recorded in Em's hometown of Detroit, MI and labeled by Em and Fif as an abstract video. According to the rappers, the light in the video is symbolic of the limelight that constantly follows both of them. As mentioned in interviews, the song and the album offer viewers a much closer look into 50's life. Check out the video for "My Life" below. 

While music videos have been reduced to online premieres, I still enjoy seeing visual interpretation of my favorite songs.

...Oh yeah, bring back music videos to MTV!      

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