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Concert Review: Hate the Hate Broadway Edition Concert at the Highline Ballroom.

by Photo of Pamela Zambrano

Broadway actors and NY local rock bands played together to promote anti-bullying message

Broadway’s “Rock of Ages” cast members brought over their theatrics and their music to the Highline Ballroom this past Sunday to support a good cause. The Hate the Hate: Broadway Edition music concert featured both Broadway performers and New York local rock bands. Proceeds from the event where donated to The Trevor Project, The It Gets Better Project, and the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention. This was one of a series of concerts which has been put together by Tim Martinez in an effort to promote an anti bullying message. Each musician and band had their own style and together they created an incredible night of delicious fun.

The evening started with songs from rock bands Mother and Ghosts of Eden. They where followed by Beyond Visible and Seas of Wake whom both played acoustic sets. These bands brought music to its purest form. It was just a group of guys playing their instruments together with no fancy studio techno help and the result sounded good. They all had original songs that satisfied the crowd. 

Then next band was She Said Fire who never fails to captivate. They always make the most of the stage that they have and bring an incredible amount of energy with them. Their attractive vocalist/guitarist Joshua Hawley has a gifted beautiful singing voice that leaves a long lasting impression in your memory.

The next band that performed was Machine Elves. They are led by actor/singer Joey Calveri. In addition to his music endeavors, Joey recently played the role of Stacee Jaxx in “Rock of Ages.” In the play, Stacee is a highly coveted rock star who has girls throwing themselves at him. During his performance at the Highline Ballroom, Joey definitely channeled some of his Stacee Jaxx persona. He entered the stage with a megaphone and quickly made sure that he got the attention of everyone in the room. Even though you knew that he is a good singer, you where still pleasantly surprised at the level of his performance. He was very animated and brave. He doesn’t hold back when he is onstage. He was untamed with a larger-than-life personality.

Singing along with Machine Elves were some of Joey’s peers from “Rock of Ages” including Tessa Alves, Mig Ayesa, Justin Matthew Sargent and Jeremy Woodward. Other guest performers where Nick Cordero from “Toxic Avengers” and Ryan Link from “Hair.” They all performed with a certain je ne sais quoi that is hard to put into words but when you see it becomes clear why they made it into Broadway. They all had contagious fun singing to their rock music. During their set things where very “if I wanna drink and dance onstage with pretty girls who have very little clothes on then that’s what I’m going to do”. That kind of carefree attitude combined with their natural talent made them compelling to watch. After Machine Elves was done, despite it being somewhat late, most people stayed to dance to rock music from Midnight Mob.

The night was exactly what it was supposed to be, a group of people gathering together who are anti hate. Everybody there bonded over their mutual love of music. Seeing the performers behave with such confidence can definitely inspire people to less afraid to show who they really are. Their fearless moves onstage proved that it’s okay to stand out and dance with no rules but your own.

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