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Florence + The Machine Planning Hiatus, New Video for "Lover to Lover"

by Photo of Jennifer Markert

As touring in Europe wraps up, Florence releases new video and plans to write a musical.

Florence + The Machine Planning Hiatus, New Video for

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Regarding the fiery-haired British songstress and her larger-than-life voice, I have good news and bad news. The bad news, of course, comes first: if you've yet to see Florence + The Machine live in concert, it might be a while before you get that opportunity, unless you live in Europe where she is wrapping up her current Ceremonials tour. Florence will be taking a break for a while to relax and get inspired again come tour's end in December, after just about 5 full years on the road. That's right, the dog days are actually over this time. Or at least on idle.

If you are anything like me, this news is a bit of a disappointment, as I both missed out on seeing her in concert and eating waffles with her at IHOP, where my coworker's brother allegedly offered to take her after a show in Philadelphia. It is sometimes very difficult for me to believe that “human beings” as amazing as Florence do things like eat waffles and “go to the supermarket,” but that is mostly because I am selfish and would have my favorite artists constantly performing and creating new music as often as possible, if not for me, for the good of the world. 

Which brings me to the good news. Though Florence and her machine(s) may cease touring for an undisclosed amount of time, as an artist we can bet she will not be putting her free time to waste. Along with producing new material for future albums, Florence plans to team up with a friend (costume designer Sophie Hart-Walsh) to pen a musical. Great news or greatest news? Florence is as theatrical as they come, so I personally feel as if any musical involving her talent would be mind-blowingly awesome. Only time will tell, and however bittersweet, she has earned it. I only hope she doesn't take too much time, because I really want to see this musical.

Florence + The Machine has also released a new video for "Lover to Lover," so that you can get your Florence fix when and where you want it (now, obviously). Check it out below!

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