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Video Premiere: Wiz Khalifa - "Remember You"

by Photo of Louis Santiago

Wiz drops visuals for his collaboration with The Weeknd

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Last night, Wiz Khalifa dropped the video for "Remember You," the second single from his sophomore LP O.N.I.F.C. 

When word broke that Wiz was going to collaborate with The Weeknd, fans from both sides were excited to hear what it would sound like. The result of this collabo was "Remember You," a song that pleaded with women to stand out among the sea of women that both Wiz and The Weeknd meet. The song is a fan favorite and shows that Wiz is on the right track for his next album. While the song is clear and concise the video does not follow its lead.   

Video Premiere: Wiz Khalifa -

The video features a woman working at a diner who begins to flirt with one of her customers. Their sensual tango leads them to a mansion where a strange party is taking place. This party is Clockwork Orange weird. There are strange looking contortionists, dancers who are in crazy but revealing outfits, and a guy on roller skates. The girl who dragged our waitress to this party is now gone and she is left to experience this (for lack of a better term) party on her own.

Out of no where we are brought to a library where Wiz is getting fitted for god knows what outfit (maybe it's this one):

Wiz's part in this video seems to just be thrown together but hey, he needs to be in his own video. While The Weeknd is not featured in the video, his handprint is all over it. If you have been following his recent video releases there is always deeper meanings to the events that take place. Either way the song and video are entertaining. 

Wiz is currently on the "2050Tour." Let CHARGED.fm get you the best seats in the house. 

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