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Video Premiere: Kid Cudi - "Just What I Am" Feat. King Chip

by Photo of Louis Santiago

Cudi drops his self-directed video for his newest single.

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Today, Kid Cudi premiered the video for his newest track "Just What I Am" on Vevo. The video features him and his Cleveland best friend, King Chip (Formally known as Chip Da Ripper) throwing a warehouse party of sorts.  Based on these visuals, Cudi is looking to take the norm and see how far he can push things. The video is jammed packed with filters and all types of post production graphics that make everything seem uniquely Cudi.Transformers Star Shia LaBeouf directed his previous video before this. This time around Cudi handled all facets of this song himself, from producing the track to now directing the video. He also went a step further and had his own casting call. 

Before the video was going to be shot, Cudi took to twitter and asked if any of his fans that were over 21 wanted to be in his next video. I'm sure the request was met with enthusiasm and some lucky fans got this amazing opportunity. 

Video Premiere: Kid Cudi -

As far as inspiration Cudi has yet to comment, but the concept is similar to how a couple scenes were shot for "How To Make It In America." Cudi was a character on the show until HBO decided to cancel production. The scene I believe it draws inspiration from is one in which the main characters are having a huge party. In fact, the director actually threw a large party and just decided to film it.  Check out the two scenes below. 


Whereever the concept came from the video looked like a blast to make, and that shows through when you watch it. This is just the beginning of what's to come from Cudi in the next year or so. On the horizon we have his next LP Indicud, which he claims is the next Chronic album. Fans will wait in anticipation for anything new from Mr. Rager. 

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