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Thrilling Adventure Hour Kickstarter Close To Reaching Its Goal

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

With a few days left, the campaign is looking to raise the final funds to be able to make their concert film.

Thrilling Adventure Hour Kickstarter Close To Reaching Its Goal

A little while back, I wrote about how The Thrilling Adventure Hour, a live stage show/podcast that takes place in Los Angeles, California, was using a Kickstarter campaign to raise money and fund new projects: a graphic novel, web series, motion comic, and potentially a concert film.  The campaign is still going strong, and with just four days left, the campaign has raised $134,598 dollars of the original $55,000 goal.  

Here's the update from their official press release that was put out a few days ago:

Stage show. Nerdist podcast. Successful Kickstarter campaign. In only 20 days of their 30-day campaign running until November 7th, the creative team behind The THRILLING ADVENTURE HOUR (TAH) has orchestrated one of the most successful comics campaigns in Kickstarter history. With their final 10 days, TAH sets its sights on its next stretch goal and the crowning achievement of TAH’s eight-year legacy: a concert film.

Designed to launch TAH into multiple forms of media, the 30-day campaign achieved its first goal in five days, raising $55K for an original graphic novel. Ten days later, a scripted web series featuring the backstage antics of the TAH cast received the green light after raising another $35K. Announcing the concert film on Kickstarter five days ago, TAH has already raised 25% of its total funding goal, requiring only $55K more to embark on its most thrilling adventure yet.

“The largest challenge facing TAH is that we can only share the full experience with our live audience,” says TAH co-creator Ben Acker. “Fans can listen to our podcast, but there is something indescribably magical about seeing it live. Some of the top actors in the industry are delivering their best work on our stage, and we want to share that experience with fans around the world.”

The funding for the movie is already at over 50% of its goal right now, and with just four days left, the hard-working folks at TAH are this close to being able to share the Thrilling Adventure Hour with people all over the country.  What Acker said above is maybe my only complaint about the TAH podcast.  They are wonderful to listen to, but often you will hear the audience laugh at something that is completely inaudible.  Seeing the actors add their own flairs to the written scripts on stage is something that would be available to seen by everyone and not just those in attendance at the famed Largo at the Coronet.

There are even more rewards being offered for donating, and some of the experiences and packages, from the complete iTunes collection of the entire podcast series, art from some of the actors, memorabilia from the theater and stage and more.  You really can't get this stuff anywhere else, and this is high quality programming.  

Everyone over at TAH is extremely appreciative of all the support they have gotten.  Here are creators, the Bens Acker and Blacker, voicing that appreciation in a video to the fans:

Yeah, they are really excited for the opportunity.  I am truly hoping that this concert film gets made.  If you would like to help this get made, you can head over to the Kickstarter page here.

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