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Eagles Fire Juan Castillo

by Photo of Chelsea Regan

Juan Castillo, defensive coordinator for the Philadelphia Eagles, was fired Tuesday after the team’s brutal Sunday defeat.

Eagles Fire Juan Castillo

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After a disappointing start to the 2012 season, the Eagles have made the call to fire Juan Castillo from his post as the defensive coordinator. Todd Bowles, the Eagles secondary coach, will be replacing him immediately.

What are the stats behind the firing?  The Eagle's are 12th in total defense. They're 30th in sacks, and have been held without a sack in their last three games. They've blown seven fourth quarter leads since the beginning of last season – an NFL-high – including this past weekend's devastating drop to the Detroit Lions.  After being up 23-13 against the Lions with just six minutes on the clock, they went on to lose 26-13. The defeat called for fingers to be pointed. Unfortunately for Juan Castillo, the ones that mattered were pointed at him.

With a current record of 3-3, the Eagles will spend their bye week regrouping for their matchup against the Atlanta Falcons on October 28th.  If they want their record to improve to 4-3 after the game's final whistle, they’re going to need Todd Bowles to do some quick work to get the defense organized. But, they’re also going to need Vick to stop turning the ball over, and the offensive line to make that a bit easier for him. 

"I know the potential of our team and insist on maximizing it," said Andy Reid in a statement. If Reid doesn’t want to suffer the same fate as Castillo, he’s going to have to make sure he does just that. 

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