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NYC Mayor Bloomberg Announces the "Made in NY" Media Center

by Photo of Pamela Zambrano

The Independent Film Project will develop and operate a new media center in DUMBO.

NYC Mayor Bloomberg Announces the

A new “Made in NY” Media Center will be opening next year in uptown Brooklyn’s DUMBO neighborhood. Mayor Michael Bloomberg, along with Brooklyn borough president Marty Markowitz, the executive director of the Independent Film Project Joana Vicente, and others made the announcement yesterday in DUMBO. This could be good news for a lot of independent artists working in New York. The media center will have affordable short term rental work areas, a 98-seat state-of-the-art screening room, conference rooms, classrooms, a media arts gallery, a lounge and a public café. The 18,000 square-foot facility will be operated by the Independent Film Project. IFP is planning to further continue to aid independent filmmakers by using the new facility to host a variety of workshops and programs. The company will be offering memberships to professionals at all levels. As part of their mission, they are committed to helping filmmakers make good decisions that could lead to a successful completion of their work.

There are a lot of digital media companies and start ups that already operate in DUMBO, including CHARGED.fm, which was just in the news after receiving $1 million in funding and is looking to hire. The new media center will contribute to the creative hub that is already there as well as create new jobs.

“One of the goals of the ‘Made in NY’ Media Center is to connect filmmakers, producers and storytellers to a rapidly changing world that is full of apps, muti-platform distribution and social media” said Media & Entertainment Commissioner Katherine Oliver.

There are 25 shows currently in production in New York as well as over 200 film shoots that occur annually. Mayor Bloomberg hopes that with the work of the new media center that more people will be encouraged to come to New York. He and his colleagues believe that it will help foster creative development as well as provide a new home for countless of people who are trying to succeed in the media and entertainment industry.

Vicente said, “The ‘Made in NY’ Media Center will be an incubator for great stories and a showcase for new works whether they’re told through film, digital, games or apps. Regardless of tools are used, well be doing what we’ve done for 30 years: curating stories, supporting artist and connecting storytellers to investors, audiences and other artists. At IFP, we are thrilled.” 

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