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Finally, An Original Idea For A Movie. Inspired By Me

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

Have an awesome movie idea? Now there’s a way to make that vision a reality.

Finally, An Original Idea For A Movie. Inspired By Me

You may have heard by now that the co-founder of Twitter, Biz Stone, has brought together the likes of Ron Howard, Jamie Foxx and Eva Longoria to co-direct his latest invention- a movie based on ordinary people's photos sent in via Twitter. This idea-- an original idea-- would be a “tweet-based movie,” as C-Net notes. Is this the first real social networking experiment on a massive Hollywood scale, or just a hyped up gimmick in order to spark box office sales during opening weekend?

Inspiration, Inspiration, Inspiration!

Imagine hypothetically having the God-like power to tweet several photos/ideas to Stone, and your submissions were automatically chosen because of this God-like power. What ideas would you choose to send to him to be turned into a film? If you're having Twitter block, be sure to take a delve into the web and do a hashtag search for #Inspirebiz. Look anywhere for inspiration- Pinterest, YouTube, or even your old notebooks from school. If you're into the sentimental holiday romance movies, Minted.com has an “Inspiration Board,” which can inspire ideas for themes in the form of holiday photos and greetings. Being a hardcore movie buff is a plus if you were in this hypothetical situation because you would already have some framework to go off of. You would know what you want to see on the big screen. I don't really need to dig for inspiration, as I already know what my “Tweet” movie would be:

For Deadly Times, Make It Suntory Times...

Imagine Bill Murray, Christian Bale, Scarlett Johansson and Jared Leto all together in one movie. Now, let's go deeper here, and imagine both movies ending's picking up where they left off.. but together! It would be the “bacon-wrapped-bacon” of movies-- at least for me that is. Anyone could imagine the absurd, yet mind blowing excitement, of a director hell-bent on fusing someone's favorite films together into a mega-movie! This would be one of my dream mega-movies. It would start out with two isolated stories happening side-by-side.

Eventually, both stories would converge, similar to the critically acclaimed film "Babel," in which multiple initially self-contained events end up effecting one other. Biz Stone could set it up so that Patrick Bateman visits Tokyo on a business trip and bumps into Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson, who are now married and celebrating their anniversary at the very same hotel bar they met at. Bateman, who is now a celebrity, becomes jealous of Murray's famous scotch pose, and attempts a plot to savagely murder the man. Without Murray aware, Scarlett finds out and attempts to distract Bale's attempt to murder Murray with her seductiveness. Unexpectedly, a love triangle ensues, full of jealousy, betrayal and danger.

When in Doubt, Go with Jeremy Irons

The idea of a "Lost In Translation/American Psycho" fusion mega-movie may seem a bit unoriginal. However, put your worries aside. There would most definitely be an added character and some twists that will keep the audience at the edge of their seats. I would introduce Jeremy Irons's character as Patrick Bateman's father. After seeing media reports of Bateman's erratic behavior, Irons would fly out to Tokyo from his private castle in Rome, to try to contain Bateman, and keep him from acting out in what Iron's imagines is his son's mid-life crisis. The tables turn, and Bateman becomes hostile and father-son-drama ensues. Murray, unexpectedly ends up in a love affair with Bateman's father, and Bateman and Johansson leave Tokyo together and head back to Manhattan (where the original "American Psycho" took place) to start a life with one another and leave the Tokyo chaos behind.

My “tweet” movie could have been the life of a young, struggling tech savvy musician or an avante-garde film about the effect of sound waves on water particles, but for a Twitter film directed by Ron Howard-- you just gotta go all out. Fuse your favorite movies together, add your own twists, throw in some unexpected actors and take the original story lines to places you never thought possible! So, what's your “tweet” movie about?

This is a guest post by Elizabeth Robinson. Elizabeth has been writing about TV and movies for more than 20 years. She lives in Vermont with her husband and their two Yorkies: Laverne and Shirley.

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