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New Music: Kid Cudi - "King Wizard"

by Photo of Louis Santiago

Cudi teased the track last week, and this week he posted it online for fans to enjoy

New Music: Kid Cudi -

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Fans heard a snippet of Cudi's new track "King Wizard" last week and it left them wanting more. Luckily, Cudi did not makes his fans wait too long; last night he posted it online for the world to enjoy.      

While I don't like to make bold claims ahead of time, I am going to make this one. Kid Cudi is back. After MOTM2, Cudi strayed from the path he was on. WZRD was not a horrible album, but I think he missed the boat on a couple of things. That's understandable though, because when you discover something new you want to do it as much as possible. Sometimes you can't step out of yourself to see that it's not as good as you think. I believe that towards the end of that process Cudi was starting to get the grasp of the sound that he wanted. The WZRD project was a bit of therapy for him and now he can take what he learned and apply it to his new music. Check out "King Wizard" below.


If WZRD was not your thing I think fans can still take something from it. The album gave Cudi a brand new ear and a different understanding of music.The results are Cudi's two most recent tracks "Just What I Am" and now "King Wizard." Both track show a balance between old and new Cudi, and the end product is something to be excited about. Little is known about Indicud but as a fan I hope to hear more news about the project soon.

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