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3 Reasons for the Jeezy/Ross Scuffle at the BET Awards

by Photo of Louis Santiago

Snowman and the Bawse got into it at the BET Awards. We ponder why it happened.

3 Reasons for the Jeezy/Ross Scuffle at the BET Awards

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This weekend at the taping of the BET Awards, a fight broke out backstage between Rick Ross and Young Jeezy's entourage. The altercation started out as a verbal one and soon erupted into a physical conflict with both sides pushing one another. The fight then made its way into the parking lot where there have been alleged reports of gunshots. This leaves us to wonder what was said between the two rappers to cause such an altercation. 

1.) Jeezy was telling too many fat jokes. 

Ross has called himself fat on a countless number of tracks, but hearing it from a rival might have pushed him over the edge. I imagine Jeezy said some fat jokes like the following: 

"Ross you so fat you leave footprints in the concrete." Or ... "I wouldn't say you're fat but you have more pounds than the Bank of England, and I ain't talking about your wallet."

"HAHA That's Riiiiight"

These jokes just pushed the confrontation over the edge. Ross had to gut check (Ha! pun intended) Jeezy. 

 2.)  Ross wanted to battle for the title of the real "Snowman."

Everyone knows that Jeezy refers to himself as the "Snowman," but maybe Ross wanted to fight him for the name. You have to admit that the Snowman nickname does fit Ross slightly better. Rozay is definitely rounder then Jeezy. I've also heard that Ross loves to wear top hats and smoke corn pipes. What does Jeezy have other than a small drug reference affiliation. I think he should let Ross have this; maybe he can take over the Cookie Monster nickname, he certainly sounds like him. 

3.) Jeezy ate the last burger at the backstage buffet.

Rick Ross is to food as Santa Claus is to presents; they are always near one another. I'm sure being at a taped award show can be pretty time consuming. I'm also sure that BET provided some nourishment backstage, but maybe it wasn't enough. When Ross went to search for something to eat all he saw was salad and we all know he don't play that. When he ran into Jeezy's crew he saw they all had some delicious burgers with them. This set the Bawse into a fit and he started pushing people until he was given a burger. 

"Don't tell me there's no more burgers."

Whatever happened backstage happened, but what went down in the parking lot was inexcusable. There was no need for weapons or any type of  confrontation to take place. Both men are successful and good artist in their own respects. Hopefully cooler tempers will prevail and this will be the last we hear of any incident like this.     

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