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Video: Ryan Dempster and Derek Holland as Dueling Harry Carays

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

Two Texas starting pitchers give their best Harry Caray impressions at the MLB Fan Cave.

Video: Ryan Dempster and Derek Holland as Dueling Harry Carays

Harry Caray, the iconic Chicago Cubs broadcaster, is one of baseball's treasures.  His signature look and broadcasting style are staples of the game's history, and he will always be remembered as one of the most beloved figures of the game.  When you have a style like Caray's, it's difficult not to try and imitate it.  Many have tried, and several stand out.  My favorite is (and probably always will be) Will Ferrell's terrific rendition on SNL.  But two MLB pitchers currently boast pretty good impressions.

Derek Holland and Ryan Dempster, both starting pitchers for the Texas Rangers, recently stopped by the MLB Fan Cave to trot out their impressions.  Donned in tacky suits over their jerseys, white wigs, and Caray's signature giant glasses, the two talked over highlights of each other and gave out their best Harry Caray lines.  

I think Dempster's was better than Holland's, personally, but both were fantastic.  They riffed off each other well and had a bunch of great lines.  Part of me is dreading watching this routine take place during a playoff game when FOX or TBS cuts into the dugout and asks these guys to call the action as Harry Caray.  But listening to their impressions would be better than listening to Tim McCarver any day of the week.

And I'll leave you with the sage advice of Harry "Ryan Dempster" Caray: "Stay out of jail."

(via Awful Announcing)

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