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Kevin Devine at Music Hall of Williamsburg

by Photo of Alexander Trimes

As his summer tour nears its end, Devine puts on an incredible performance in his home town: Brooklyn.

Kevin Devine at Music Hall of Williamsburg

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Photo Credit: Ben Trivett

We’ve all encountered those evenings when plans fall through. Frequently, those evenings result in disappointment. But on occasion, with some luck, they develop into nights more enjoyable than the initial plans could have promised.

Yes, last night was one of those nights.

No, my friends and I were not ecstatic when we saw the endless line crawling towards the door of Greenpoint’s first-come-first-admitted House of Vans (if you managed to get in there last night, congratulations and I hope you enjoyed Cursive and Titus Andronicus), yet the blow seemed to be softened by news that Kevin Devine was scheduled to play just minutes away at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. With this unexpected turn of events it was decided we would see the Brooklyn native put on what turned out to be a great and haunting performance in his hometown.

Arriving just as the opener, Buried Beds, was finishing their set, we had little opportunity for anxious excitement and soon found ourselves looking up as Devine stepped into the spotlight. Humbly, quietly, he shared how much it meant for him to be back in Brooklyn after touring the country before kicking off his set with “Between Concrete and Clouds.”

From first song to last, Devine captivated the swaying crowd with deep lyrics and moving acoustic melodies. He did not disappoint, playing favorites such as “Ballgame” and “Another Bag of Bones” prior to inviting guitarist Mike Strandberg and percussionist Brian Bonz to join him on stage for several songs. Later in the set, Buried Beds’ Eliza Jones accompanied Devine for a stunning cover of Sam Cooke’s “Cupid.” Kevin concluded his performance with “Brother’s Blood,” the entire venue sang along, and he thanked the audience one last time before heading out to the lobby to meet fans.

So would I redo last night if given the opportunity? Not a chance. Kevin Devine put on an incredible performance at a venue personally significant to him. He was genuinely happy to be there playing for fellow New Yorkers and Brooklynites. As far as I’m concerned, I’m glad things didn’t work out as planned.

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