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Titus Andronicus Announces Third Album, "Local Business"

by Photo of Alexander Trimes

A new album with a new “of the earth” direction.

Titus Andronicus Announces Third Album,

In this article…

Today, New Jersey rockers Titus Andronicus have announced their third album, Local Business, set to drop October 23rd. According to a press release, Local Business will be simpler than the band's previous "elaborate concoctions," The Airing of Grievances and The Monitor, and will abandon the linear narrative style that contributed to The Monitor's acclaim. Instead, the new LP will explore how "the inherent meaninglessness of life in an absurd universe gives the individual power to create their own values and their own morality." Much less complex, right?

Local Business will include several of the tracks Titus Andronicus have debuted at concerts recently, including "(I Am The) Electric Man" and "Ecce Homo," in addition to a number of previously unreleased songs. And, of course, the album release will be accompanied by a major U.S. tours (dates to be announced). In the mean time, you can check out the full track listing below.

1. Ecce Homo
2. Still Life With Hot Deuce And Silver Platter
3. Upon Viewing Oregon's Landscape With The Flood Of Detritus
4. Food Fight!
5. My Eating Disorder
6. Titus Andronicus VS. The Absurd Universe (3rd Round KO)
7. In A Big City
8. In A Small Body
9. (I Am The) Electric Man
10. Tried To Quit Smoking

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