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Stars React to Mean Tweets on 'Jimmy Kimmel'

by Photo of Alex Ellefson

Jimmy Kimmel shows us that celebrities have feeling too.

Stars React to Mean Tweets on 'Jimmy Kimmel'

To be the subject of scorn and debasement has always been part of being a celebrity. But in the era of social media, which links stars directly with the public, celebrities can be ridiculed by faceless individuals. That's what Jimmy Kimmel highlighted on Tuesday, in a segment called "Mean Tweets," when celebs read and reacted to nasty tweets directed at themselves.

Kimmel said that the purpose of the segment was to show how internet attacks "can actually cause pain," but the bit was more of an opportunity for stars to showcase their self-depricating sides. While a few of the tweets at celebrities like David Spade, Zooey Deschanel, and Matt Leblanc were unimaginative, some of the mean tweets were quite clever.

Justin Bieber looked a bit saddened when he read:

"Dear God, give us 2pac back and we'll give you Justin Beiber."

But the most original tweet had to be the one directed at Larry King:

"Did you know that if you skinned Larry King & ironed out his leather, you could make enough coats to give 1 to every poor child in America?"

This is the second time that Jimmy Kimmel has aired this segment on his show. The first installment came in March, in honor of Twitter's 6th anniversary, and featured Jason Batemen, Will Ferrell, and Louis C.K.—among others.

But many celebrities don't take offensive tweets lying down, sometimes they're sitting up and typing a reply on their computer. CelebJuicer.com posted an article called, "7 Greatest Celebrity Comebacks on Twitter." I'm not sure why CelebJuicer decided to only choose seven celebrity comebacks (maybe there are only seven celebrity comebacks on Twitter). But some of the stars' responses were pretty sharp.

One in particular was Cher. After someone tweeted that Chris Brown was going to beat her "musty fat old ass" she replied:

"Old Yah! High,Round,firm & U could bounce a quarter off it bitch"

So, if you attack a celebrity over the internet, you might hurt their feelings— or they might reply and make you look dumb!

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