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Danny Devito, Richard Griffiths May Be Coming to Broadway With 'The Sunshine Boys'

by Photo of Hannah Rettoun

After they finish their run in London, Griffiths and DeVito could be on their way to New York.

Danny Devito, Richard Griffiths May Be Coming to Broadway With 'The Sunshine Boys'

Danny DeVito and Uncle Vernon, I mean, Richard Griffiths, are about to finish their London run of Neil Simon's classic play The Sunshine Boys.  After the show's conclusion July 28, the cast could stay put and enjoy the 2012 Olympics or make their way to New York for a more American run. 

The Sunshine Boys tells the story of two disgruntled old vaudevillian men who are asked to reunite for television.  Willie Clark (DeVito) and Al Lewis (Griffiths), formerly known as the comedy act "Lewis and Clark," worked with each other for more than 40 years, and they got sick of each other.  The pair never spoke off stage during the last year of their act.  

The play is set in 1972 when a show on CBS decides to do a special segment on the history of comedy and invites "Lewis and Clark" to represent the era of vaudeville. 

Apparently Simon based "Lewis and Clark" on two separate vaudeville acts.  Smith and Dale were "inseparable lifelong friends," while Gallagher and Shean were the opposite.  

Old cantankerous men are usually pretty funny to watch, and I'm sure DeVito and Griffiths fit the part. 

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